Think Local, Act Global: Why Local Businesses Invest in SEO

Let’s say you have an innovative product made of some of the finest materials available on this side of Australia. You can’t wait for more people to learn about it, discover how beneficial it is for them and recommend it to their friends. But it’s not happening — what could be the reason behind this?

As innovative and high-quality as your product or service is, your customers may not even be aware of it unless you invest in a proper marketing campaign. And right now, some of the most cost-effective marketing strategies is search engine optimisation.

As A Business Owner, You Always Have a Choice

Approximately 46 percent of searches on Google (of which there are 3.5 billion per day globally) are for local businesses; 76 percent of online users check business location before visiting the physical store. These numbers only hint at how many customers you could convert if you invested in search engine optimisation.

You have multiple SEO strategies to choose from:

  • Local SEO

If your brick and mortar store aims to get ahead of the local competition, you may opt for local SEO that focuses on prospective customers in your local area.

  • Organic SEO

If your local business is just getting started with online presence boosting, consider investing in an organic SEO campaign that leads more online users to your website.

  • Competitive SEO

If you want an aggressive online marketing campaign, your best choice might be competitive SEO, which includes diverse strategies such as on-page optimisation and off-page submissions.

When you plan to reach a bigger audience, you need to be on the platform that your target audience often visits. So now is the time to build your online presence through digital marketing.

SEO Doesn’t Have to be Complicated  

Search engine optimisation is a digital marketing strategy that leverages the expertise of professionals. Your best chance at ranking on the first page of Google is to work with SEO specialists who know how to increase your online presence. They can streamline the SEO process for you:

  • Site Assessment

The first step that SEO professionals take is to get to know your business, understand your business goals and look at your website to figure out if they are aligned.

  • Keyword Research

The next step towards boosting your traffic is to conduct comprehensive keyword research to find out which words your target audience is using on their search engines.

  • Content Optimisation

It’s not enough to use the right keywords in your content — a skilled SEO team optimises your content and focuses on engaging and converting your site visitors.

  • Local Optimisation

Your local business will have increased visibility and reach a larger audience if you have updated citations on the most-visited local business listings.

  • Link Building

Link building involves acquiring hyperlinks from authoritative websites to your own, called backlinks. These links boost your rankings, and SEO professionals can provide you with a strong backlink portfolio.

These are steps towards a more successful local business. You don’t have to walk down that path alone, either. A reliable SEO team can make your brand more visible online while you focus on running and growing your business.

Give Your Local Business a Global Reach

The digital space has opened up possibilities for even the smallest of companies. By making use of optimisation strategies and planning effective campaigns, you can build a brand that can attract, engage and convert online visitors into paying customers.

Schedule a consultation with our SEO experts who have over a decade of experience in the field — our team can make your local business reach a global audience.

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