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5 Digital Tips To Increase Customers In Your Cafe

Firstly, let’s assume you have the best coffee in town because a cafe wihtout good coffee is like a pool with no water in it!

You may not think your Cafe and digital media/marketing go hand in hand, but they do.

Today we’re going to give you a few tips on how you can drive more coffee loving customers straight into your store or coffee van.

Use Social Media

This may seem like a no-brainer, although you’d be surprised how many Cafe’s aren’t on social media. In today’s connected world it’s now more important than ever for your Cafe to be on social media. We recommend highly visual social media platforms for cafes such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Boost Posts. But Keep Them Local.

If you’re one of those cafes already on social media it might be time to start thinking about advertising. Yes, it can be a complex and time-consuming process setting up a campaign, although if you do we recommend that when you’re boosting your posts or setting up adverts across social media platforms that you keep the targeting local to keep your ROI high. Let’s face it, do you really think someone in Sydney wants to buy a coffee from your cafe in Wollongong whilst they’re waiting to catch a train from central station? Most likely not!

Get A Website

Websites aren’t just for the big chains like Gloria Jeans and The Coffee Club. Your cafe can also benefit from a website. Not only do you have full control over the content, but you also have the ability to add great features that your competitors may not offer, like online ordering and reservations if you serve food. You also add credibility to your cafe and a website is just one link in the chain to helping your future coffee lovers finding your cafe over your competition.

Discount. But Only For VIP’s

Let’s face it, everyone is trying to save a buck these days, and doing something as simple as creating a VIP club for your cafe and offering a discount on only one product (coffee) can increase your customer flow exponentially. The days of the hole punch cards are and should be dead. But don’t give them a discount for nothing. Make them follow one of your social media accounts for the privilege.

Invest In SEO

Let’s assume you’ve done the right think and got yourself a great website. Now it’s time to rank so when a customer types into Google “Best coffee in Kiama” they see you first! We call this a page one ranking and even better is getting yourself into the Google 3 pack. What’s that you ask…

Google’s New 3 Pack with the search term “best coffee Kiama”

To end up in Google’s 3 pack for the long term you need great SEO and simply can’t rely on social media platforms to keep you at that position. Being in Google’s 3 pack will guarantee you loads of foot traffic and the investment in SEO far outweighs any other form of digital marketing!

Are you a cafe in Kiama (or anywhere for that matter) and don’t see yourself on the 3 pack? Well, we can get you there!

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